How Does it Work? 

Photoshoots can be booked by calling 515-708-5224, emailing, or through this website. Photoshoots are priced at $10 for every 100 photos, and additional donations are welcome. All proceeds are donated directly to The Smile Train to fund the cleft lip surgeries of children around the world. 


Where Does the Money Go? 

All proceeds raised are donated directly to The Smile Train, a 501 charity and organization that provides surgery for children with cleft lip 


What is Cleft Lip 

Cleft Lip Syndrome is a condition in which a child's lip and the roof of their mouth are not fused together at birth. This impacts their ability to speak, eat, and even breath. Children born with a cleft lip are often left in isolation and are not able to attend school. Cleft lip can easily be treated with a single, $250 surgery, but many families in developing countries are not able to afford this. ​